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Penza News: Turkish stream project success promises benefits, profits to many South-Eastern EU countries

Penza News investigates what challenges and opportunities will bring the construction of an extension pipeline to the Turkish Stream project. Cambridge Judge’s Chi Kong Chyong, thinks that the new project far surpasses the South Stream from a commercial and rational standpoint: “Turkey is one of the fastest growing gas markets in the region, and hence for Gazprom, having already invested a substantial amount of money, it makes sense to build at least the first two lines of the Turkish Stream. The first line will replace the existing flows from Russia through Ukraine to Turkey, and the second line should serve as an option for Gazprom to meet any additional demand from Turkey. In a nutshell, the first two lines can be easily built since money has already been spent, and they should also serve as an option for Gazprom to expand the project and build the third and fourth lines to serve Europe, should the political environment in Europe allows Gazprom to do so.”

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