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Financial Times: Science start-ups struggle to bridge the gender gap


The course they are attending, EnterpriseWISE, is run by Cambridge Judge Business School and is in  its fifth year. The point is to encourage more female scientists working in science, technology,  engineering and mathematics to start companies, says Shima Barakat, who designed the programme.

An article features the EnterpriseWISE programme, run by the School’s Entrepreneurship Centre, which highlights the achievements of female science entrepreneurs and helps participants, who are used to being a minority within their field, to build a network of other female scientists.

Chiraz Ennaceur, who attended the programme last year, said: “Being with other people in my field who were all women made me realise how, without noticing, I had been adapting to fit into a man’s world…. EnterpriseWISE helped me realise you can do things your way and be successful.” (subscription).

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