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The Guardian: ‘Territorial injustice’ may rise in England due to council cuts – study

Research shows post-industrial cities in north of England are being hit hardest by austerity.

Disproportionately harsh spending cuts to local public services in England’s poorest areas are likely to intensify perceived “territorial injustice” between deprived and wealthy parts of the country, a study has shown.

Post-industrial cities in the north of England, together with some inner-city London boroughs, have been hit by the deepest cuts to local government spending since the start of austerity in 2010, says the research by the University of Cambridge.

“The idea that austerity has hit all areas equally is nonsense,” said Mia Gray, an economic and social geographer at Cambridge, who co-authored the study. She said the distribution of the cuts across Britain should be seen as highly political.

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