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Business Because: How an MBA will prepare you for the post-coronavirus jobs market


MBA could be an advantage in the post-pandemic jobs market, says Business Because article. Cambridge MBA alumnus Hamza Mudassir says despite some sectors now shrinking areas like digital transformation will see growth: “Four or five years down the road you will see smart governments hiring digital savvy MBAs, or more and more programmers from top universities.”
Margaret O’Neil, Head of MBA Marketing, Admissions and Careers at Cambridge Judge, thinks businesses will need people “who can not only analyse data but draw insights and make informed decisions from it; who can work successfully in cross cultural, global teams; who are creative problem solvers who can work from first principles when confronted with new situations for which there is no existing model.”
Another Cambridge MBA alumna Alexandra Jorge says the greatest takeaway from her MBA studies is “this community of people who are from very different industries”, as well as gained confidence in her skillset.

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