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The Guardian: Happiness? There’s an app for that


Two Cambridge MBA teams took part in an Adobe design competition focusing on mental health and wellness in education. One team came up with the idea for the Grow app where students indicate how happy they are on a scale from zero to five. Teachers then would be able to monitor that data (with students’ permission) to spot signs of stress. “Even if the data were anonymised, the teacher would know there is someone who is possibly depressed and could do activities to up the morale of the class,” says team member Akshar Mehta.
The second team created the app Wellbeing Analytics aimed at reducing teacher burnout and improving retention. Teachers would regularly answer questions on their wellbeing that could help indicate stress levels, and artificial Intelligence would collate the responses to provide a snapshot of wellbeing across their school. “If there are a lot of behavioural issues [with kids, reported by teachers] then maybe you want to bring in some specialist training on what to do,” explains team member Ceri Sharma.

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