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Business Because: How can brands adapt to the post-pandemic consumer?


Vincent Mak, Professor of Marketing & Decision Sciences at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments how companies could adapt in the post-Covid world. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic Coca Cola sent a clear message in support of social distancing measures. “[Coca Cola] was not only reminding people you have to observe social distancing but that the brand is with them, in a very simple and subtle way. It captures peoples’ hearts,” Vincent commented. He adds that’ a simple shift in communicational tone can be the difference between coming across as friendly or transactional.’

Cambridge MBA alumnus Sunil Sajdeh, now a brand marketing consultant for the Campari Group, said: “As people weren’t able to go into a shopping center or felt unsafe doing so it really accelerated the digital consumer purchase phenomenon. We saw a large growth driven by a macro force.”

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