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Credit Collections & Rik Magazine: New study highlights progress in fintech regulation in Sub-Saharan Africa


The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) at the Cambridge Judge Business School today published the report of findings from its “Fintech regulation in Sub-Saharan Africa” study, which provides one of the first overviews of the regulatory landscape in the region, assessing where sectoral and cross-sectoral regulatory frameworks have been established.

“Across Sub-Saharan Africa, regulators have responded to the rapid growth in the fintech market through a range of regulatory innovation initiatives and bespoke FinTech regulations,” says Dr Robert Wardrop, Co-Founder and Director of the CCAF. “Timely data on emerging regulatory approaches to fintech, as presented in this report, allows for more effective regulatory benchmarking and knowledge sharing between regulatory practitioners and the wider fintech ecosystem.”

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