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Global Executive MBA opens applications


Admissions open for the new Global Executive MBA programme of Cambridge Judge Business School, taught in both Shenzhen, China, and Cambridge, to provide students with a new international experience.

A composite image of Cambridge Judge Business School, and the skyscrapers of Shenzhen in China.

Cambridge Judge Business School today (15 November) begins welcoming applications for a new Global Executive MBA (Global EMBA) programme to be taught in both Shenzhen, China, and Cambridge, with the first cohort of students beginning in January 2023. The programme is designed to provide students with a University of Cambridge degree coupled with exposure to one of the most dynamic business regions of the world in southern China.

The new Global EMBA programme marks the first time Cambridge Judge offers regular MBA teaching outside of Cambridge. The new programme complements the Cambridge Executive MBA (Cambridge EMBA) programme that has been taught in Cambridge since 2009 and will continue.

Mauro Guillén
Professor Mauro Guillén

“I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the Global Executive MBA programme,” said Professor Mauro Guillén, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School. “Taking part in the Global Executive MBA Programme will enable students to know about two very different worlds – the world of advanced manufacturing and high-tech design in Shenzhen, China, which has emerged in just the last four decades, and the historically older Cambridge, largely populated by small-scale startups, often linked to the University of Cambridge.

“You should think about the programme as a golden opportunity to learn from different cultures and from different approaches to doing business, and to network within both the Cambridge tech cluster and the Pearl River Bay area in China,” Dean Guillén said, adding that the new programme offers “lifelong learning opportunities” such as graduates’ ability to take an elective of their choice, as Cambridge Executive MBA alumni have done since that programme’s inception.

The new Global Executive MBA programme of Cambridge Judge Business School is part of a Cooperative Programme between Cambridge Judge and Peking University HSBC Business School, announced in August 2021, part of a long-term collaboration in business and management between the two institutions. As part of the Cooperative Programme, Peking University will offer its own Master’s/Certificate programme of China Studies for Economics and Management (MCS/CCS).

The new Global EMBA programme is a 20-month programme taught over eight one-week periods, four in Shenzhen and four in Cambridge, plus two additional week-long blocks, one of which is an International Business Consulting Trip. This differs from the Cambridge EMBA Programme, which since 2009 has involved 16 weekends and four week-long blocks, plus an International Business Consulting Trip, over 20 months.

The Director of the new Global EMBA programme, Dr Simon Taylor, said the programme will provide students a new global experience that reflects the historical pedigree of the University of Cambridge.

Simon Taylor.
Dr Simon Taylor

“The Global EMBA is essentially another flavour, another version of the existing Cambridge EMBA,” he said. “It has the same syllabus taught by Cambridge Judge faculty, and the same standards of assessment. We’ve called this programme the Global EMBA because we think this could appeal to people all over the world interested in getting a Cambridge degree but also gaining exposure to one of the most dynamic aspects of the world economy in southern China. Shenzhen is a centre of technology, of innovation: many of the world’s most advanced products are made there, and new industries such as drones and electric vehicles have a major presence.

“We look forward to talking to prospective students over the coming months, and to welcoming our first Global EMBA cohort to Shenzhen and Cambridge in January 2023,” said Simon Taylor.