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Impactful healthcare research

On November 10, the University of Cambridge announced a five-year contract with AstraZeneca and GSK to fund the Cambridge Center for AI in Medicine (CCAIM).

CCAIM has been set up as a cutting-edge research group. Its faculty of ten University of Cambridge researchers – in addition to world-class PhD students, currently being recruited – have united to develop AI and machine learning (ML) technologies aiming to transform clinical trials, personalised medicine and biomedical discovery.

In this interview, Prof Stefan Scholtes, a member of faculty of both Cambridge Judge Business School and the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine, presents his impact work and that of the Health Leadership & Enterprise Centre, from projects analysing the relationship between hospitals’ organisational environment and healthcare outcomes to the current project of modelling COVID-19 scenarios to help real-time decision-making. It’s worth watching if you want to hear more about the latest findings and collaboration opportunities that the Centre’s faculty has put together or insights about the role that AI might be playing in healthcare in the near future.