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New Europe: Europe must decarbonise three times faster to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

Cambridge Judge’s Professor Michael Pollitt and Dr Chi Kong Chyong comment on Europe’s decarbonisation policy.

“We have remodelled the European Commission’s 1.5 TECH and COMBO scenarios and took them further with two additional, extreme cases. Our conclusion is straightforward: European single markets in electricity, methane, hydrogen and carbon are essential to fully exploit sector coupling in the pursuit of net zero”, said Chi Kong Chyong, who co-authored a new report on “Electricity and gas coupling in a decarbonised economy”.

Professor Michael Pollitt, who also co-authored the report, commented: “From wires to pipelines, from EVs and smart grids to hybrid heat pumps in our homes, and from batteries with solar panels and offshore wind farms to P2X and gas storage. It’s an unprecedented task for governments which should lead to the end of business-as-usual regulation.”

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