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LinkedIn: Big Ideas 2023 – 20 bold predictions for the year ahead


Janet Mui, an alumna of Cambridge Judge Business School (MBA 2010), is featured in an article listing 20 big ideas for the year 2023.

“Here in the UK, a recession is deemed unavoidable by the Bank of England and the Office of Budget Responsibility,” says Janet, a UK-based economist and one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices for 2022. But her assessment is that the recession in the UK “will be mild instead of severe, akin to the one in the 1990s”.

According to Janet, the British economy enters the recession with a robust labour market, well-capitalised financial institutions, healthy credit growth and a government that is “shielding” the most vulnerable from surging energy costs. “These will help cushion economic headwinds,” she says.

“Once inflation comes down, we can anticipate better times ahead,” Janet concludes.

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