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Mirage News: Heart surgery delays will cost lives, warns research


Urgent action is needed to clear the backlog of people with a common heart condition who are waiting for lifesaving treatment, warns research co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School and published in the journal BMJ Open.

The study, conducted by an international team of researchers, has modelled the impact that increasing treatment capacity and using a quicker, less invasive treatment option would have on waiting lists.

“This simple yet relevant model tackles the critical question of how to clear waiting lists and is easy to interpret in practice,” said study co-author Houyuan Jiang, Professor of Management Science at Cambridge Judge Business School.

“Our approach does not put the onus on only management or doctors, but creates a joint solution that is easier to implement in practice,” says other co-author Feryal Erhun, Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Cambridge Judge.

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