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Search Women are ‘running with leaded shoes’ when promoted at work, says study


Promotion at work has greater emotional benefit for men than women, says a new study on gender and workplace emotion co-authored by Jochen Menges, Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School.

The study notes that, while the glass ceiling for women has been extensively documented, there has been surprisingly little research on gender differences in emotions at work. Understanding this is particularly important as emotions influence job performance, decision-making, creativity, absence, conflict resolution and leadership effectiveness.

“It would be hard for anyone to break through a glass ceiling when they feel overwhelmed, stressed, less respected and less confident. This emotional burden may not only hamper promotion opportunities for women, but also prevent them from contributing to an organisation to the best of their ability. More needs to be done to level the playing field when it comes to emotional burdens at work,” said Menges.

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