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Variety: How to survive a bear market – Hollywood girds for a content correction (Special Report)


A sharp economic downturn in the US could force Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery and others to make hard choices for betting on growth in overmarkets or shoring up their English-language programming options, says a special report by Variety, titled “How to survive a bear market.”

“There’s a vicious circle of, if the economy retracts, then we’ve got a decrease in households’ buying power, so households have to cut down on expenses that are seen as nonessential,” explains Allègre Hadida, Associate Professor of Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, in the report.

“This comes with cancelling or reducing the number of subscriptions to streaming services. So revenues go down, so the streamers have to cut their budgets. But if they reduce their content spend, they have less content to put out there, and they might reach less audience members, and they will get less subscribers, and their business retracts.” she says.

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