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Media coverage Management gender diversity essential in adversity

A study led by the late Cambridge Judge Business School Professor Sucheta Nadkarni suggests that gender-balanced teams help businesses, especially in adverse times. The study led by the Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre examined 387 senior executive team members running 122 Chinese…

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Boston Globe: Brigham president had sold more Moderna stock before she resigned from biotech’s board

Sunita Sah, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on conflict of interest in the Brigham and Women's Hospital president’s case. “The hospital president sets the tone on conflicts of interest in general," she said. (subs)…

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Cambridge Independent: Scientific breakthrough as VividQ fashions digital 3D holograms

A feature about VividQ that produces produce novel 3D displays. Co-founder Aleksandra Pedraszewska, alumna of Cambridge Judge (MPhil in Tech Pol 2017), said: “Thanks to a new generation of processors and VividQ’s algorithms, holographic displays can now run in real-time…

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The Wall Street Journal: What the history of very low interest rates can tell investors

Professor Elroy Dimson, Chairman of the Centre for Endowment Asset Management at Cambridge Judge Business School comments on relationship between real rates and equity returns in the Wall Street Journal article. (subs) Read the full article []…

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Bdaily News: One in four UK adults’ mental health impacted by COVID-19, research says

A study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School says people with coronavirus symptoms more likely to have general psychiatric disorders and loneliness. “The longer-term consequences to the population’s mental health created by uncertainty of the future, concern for relatives, and…

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