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Media coverage

Forbes: Fors Marsh Group takes a data-driven approach to help build consumer awareness ff social impact

Christopher Marquis, Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at Cambridge Judge, having joined the Business School, writes about Fors Marsh Group and how it has changed over the years. “Since becoming a Certified B Corporation in 2017, Fors Marsh Group has…

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CNN: Quest means business

Badr Jafar, Founding Patron for the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at Cambridge Judge Business School, speaks to Quest Means Business on CNN on the importance of Venture Capital, Philanthropy and nurturing small businesses to become change agents. Whilst one third…

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BBC: Will workers continue to pay a price for flexibility?

Dr Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the democratisation of flexible work. “The democratisation of flexible work might make those who don’t go for this option stand out even more,” he says.…

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The Conversation: Nudges: four reasons to doubt popular technique to shape people’s behaviour

Magda Osman, Head of Research and Analysis at the Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge, writes about nudging techniques and why sometimes they don’t work. “Throughout the pandemic, many governments have had to rely on people doing the…

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The Economist: Is India prepared for Omicron?

Paul Kattuman, Professor of Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the Covid-19 situation in India relating to a coronavirus tracker he co-created. Professor Kattuman ‘describes the current growth trend as “super­exponential”’. (subs) Read the full article []…

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