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Media coverage

The New York Times: Why you’re probably hearing less about corporate climate initiatives

Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on ESG (environmental, social and governance factors) in business. “The conflict between creating value for shareholders and serving a wider set of stakeholders tends to become particularly…

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Find MBA: Why an MBA is a wise investment in uncertain times

Charlotte Russell-Green, Head of MBA Recruitment and Admissions at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the value of MBA degree in uncertain times: “At a time when there are layoffs, pay freezes and cutbacks, an MBA can be a great…

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Financial Times: Banks and oil groups place bets on carbon capture schemes

David Reiner, Professor of Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on carbon capture in The Financial Times. While there had been previous carbon capture 'hype cycles', there was 'a greater seriousness of purpose both on the corporate side…

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The Economist: Five books on the best approaches to being an investor

A book co-authored by Professor Elroy Dimson, Chairman of the Centre for Endowment Asset Management (CEAM) at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in The Economist. Entitled Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns is among five…

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City AM: Cambridge dons launch tool to track Ethereum electricity consumption as concerns over environmental impact grow

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), based at Cambridge Judge Business School, launched a new tool that will track electricity consumption by cryptocurrencies, starting with Ethereum. The Cambridge Blockchain Network Sustainability Index (CBNSI) is an interactive digital platform providing…

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