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Media coverage

Business Weekly: ARM takes business of the year glory

ARM Holdings was named Business of the Year at Business Weekly’s annual awards in Cambridge UK – on the very day the company announced a CEO succession…Dr Shai Vyakarnam, director of CfEL, announced the Cambridge Graduate Business of the Year…

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With cash and bond yields at rock bottom, investors are being increasingly encouraged to turn to shares to help build up the pension pots required for a prosperous retirement. And that's probably good advice -- but Elroy Dimson of Cambridge…

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The Business Standard: Jugaad 2.0, The concept may be uniquely Indian but it has relevance for the West when the frugal, flexible mindset is married to the process culture, says the co-author of a popular book on the subject

At a time when consumers in the West are being prepped for Google glasses and smartphones treat voice calls almost like an afterthought, the Indian concept of jugaad or street-smart quickfix seems counterintuitive. But Jugaad Innovation, the 2012 book by…

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The Financial Times (Letters): Meeting the CEO rarely yields anything useful

Sir, In all the fuss about the payment of equity broking commissions by investors for access to company management, everyone assumes that you can learn something useful from a face to face discussion with chief executives. I suspect this is…

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Market Watch (The Wall Street Journal): Cambridge Design Partnership’s Oxygen concentrator has potential to address child mortality rates in developing world

Design and technology consultancy Cambridge Design Partnership, in conjunction with a leading business research body, has identified that its award winning Oxygen Concentrator, originally designed for the military, might be repurposed to bring huge benefit to resource constrained countries, with…

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