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Media coverage

BBC2: Keynes investment strategy

Dr David Chambers of Cambridge Judge Business School and Professor Elroy Dimson of the London Business School have studied Keynes’s investment strategy..." Watch the video []…

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Beleggingsstrategie Alfa: Outperformance is a myth

It is almost inconceivable that fund managers have consistently manage to outperform the benchmark...This enables Professor Raghavendra Rau, Professor of Finance, Cambridge Judge Business School, to write a paper on the so-called modern portfolio theory (MPT) of Nobel Prize winner…

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New Statesman: Explaining rising income inequality

The ongoing crisis of the major Western capitalist economies has citizens on both sides of the Atlantic asking why the incomes of the business elite keeps rising even as companies cut jobs, banks foreclose homes, and the threat of penury…

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Times of India: Students have a new pie to eye

At the Bangalore-Cambridge Innovation Network - Science, innovation and entrepreneurship - a day-long event held at IISC's JN Tata auditorium on Thursday, attended by top academicians and entrepreneurs, the main attraction was the Raspberry Pi... "The single chip, which is…

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The Financial Times: Biographies and economics dominate

Heavyweight biographies of two towering figures of global business and economics are among the six finalists for this year’s Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award... The finalists include The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, Cambridge…

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