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2014 podcast mba schieffer bringbee

The sharing economy

Companies such as AirBnB and ParkatmyHouse have created new markets where customers can rent services from other individuals. Much of…

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2013 podcast mba digitalis

Google your own name

The increasing amount of online information means that online reputations are becoming increasingly important. We speak to Dr Laura Toogood,…

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2012 podcast munir fuel

Fuel blind

Pakistan must act now to resolve its continued debilitating power shortages that are grinding industry to a halt and robbing…

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2012 podcast richter getting2

Getting creative

Fresh research by Dr Andreas Richter into creative self-efficacy and creativity in teams has thrown new light onto an area…

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2012 podcast hope taxing dirty energy

Taxing dirty energy

A former Westminster adviser on the economics of climate change says the government needs to make it of interest for people and…

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2012 podcast schmenner swift even flow

Swift, even flow

Don't simply reduce overheads, material and labour to drive productivity; instead identify and deal with the variation, or waste, in…

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2012 podcast trevor tojeiro beyond efficiency

Beyond efficiency

Hierarchical, bureaucratic, stable structures and workforce efficiency are things of the past; survival and future growth, underpinned by a liberation…

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Mark de Rond.

Fighting boredom

What lessons can organisations take from the high-performance surgical teams at Britain's Camp Bastion military hospital in Afghanistan? Dr Mark…

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2012 podcast barrett calling entrepreneurs

Calling all entrepreneurs

Mobile phone technology presents endless opportunities for innovation especially in emerging economies says Professor Michael Barrett, citing the success of…

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2012 podcast zyglidopoulos ariel corruption

Corruption time bombs

An acknowledged expert in the field of corporate corruption feels that multinational companies must lead the fight against dishonesty Dr…

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2012 podcast rau do the maths

Do the maths

The current climate is a good time to learn about finance explains Professor Raghavendra Rau Cambridge Judge Business School's Executive…

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Professor simon deakin

The buck stops here

Corporate governance is under the microscope in the investigation into the activities of News International, owners of the defunct tabloid…

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Professor andy neely

A total solution

What do we know about global trends in the servitisation of manufacturing? Professor Andy Neely, Fellow in Business Performance Measurement…

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Dr michael pollitt

Energy sapping

'The Electricity Market Reform' or EMR may place too much regulation onto the energy industry and it's the consumer who…

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Michael kitson

Hidden connections

New research into relationships between the arts and humanities and the UK economy has revealed far greater interaction than expected…

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Professor raghavendra rau

CEOs are overpaid

Overconfident, highly incentivised chief executives fall short of shareholder expectations, a new study reveals Research by Cambridge Judge Business School…

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Dr david chambers professor elroy dimson

Endowment asset management

Academics, investment professionals, philanthropists, directors of not-for-profit organisations and the charity sector are an under-serviced segment of the market which…

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Vincent Mak.

Motivated to innovate?

The traditional view of dominant firms being lethargic is misinformed: dominant firms can actually be highly successful innovators Dr Vincent…

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Dr shahzad ansari

The weakest link?

Top managers 'think', whilst middle managers 'act', but shouldn't both work together to bring about change? The role of the…

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Michelle tuveson

Risky business

Factoring in the 'unknown unknowns': why new multidisciplinary risk management models are needed in light of the Japanese earthquake Michelle…

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Professor simon deakin

You’re fired!

Lifting the burden of regulation on business might make the UK more competitive, but further changes could have an adverse…

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Dr william nuttall

A black swan event

Was Japan's nuclear industry prepared? Nuclear specialist Dr William Nuttall considers the known unknowns and unknown unknowns and says we…

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Dr amir amel zadeh

It’s not fair!

America's regulators now rely on 'fair value' with additional historical cost to be disclosed for financial assets. Europe's regulators view…

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Allègre Hadida.

Lights, camera, action!

Can Hollywood blockbusters, graphic novels and other artistic mediums stimulate fresh approaches to business and management? Dr Allègre Hadida, Lecturer…

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Upwardly mobile

Dr Michael Barrett has been finding out how one mobile phone service called "MPESA", which is linking people in Kenya…

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2010 podcast nuttall empowering

Empowering the future

Empowering the future: a two-stage nuclear renaissance - ensuring nuclear power generation remains a carbon-neutral option Careful long-term planning can…

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2010 podcast barry body

Body beautiful

Ben Barry, PhD Candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School and Founder of Ben Barry Models, has conducted new research into…

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  Cambridge entrepreneurs pitch their genius business ideas.
  2010 podcast hiscocks please

Please mind the gap

The sin of a start-up, says Peter Hiscocks, Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge Business School, is to be "under-capitalised";…

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2010 podcast prabhu more

More for less for more

"Inclusive growth" and "affordable innovation" are terms gaining ground in India as new business models to satisfy cost-conscious and ecologically-aware…

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2010 podcast kitson economy

It’s the economy, stupid

Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, considers the effectiveness of the economic policies of…

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2010 podcast pitelis crisis

Crisis, what crisis?

Dr Christos Pitelis, Reader in International Business & Competitiveness, says every crisis is an opportunity. Greece maybe the focus of…

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2010 podcast savage ballpark

A ball park figure

Using averages to calculate risk is leading risk management modelling astray says Professor Sam Savage, Fellow in Management Science at…

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2009 podcast made in china

Made in China

The debate over whether China's double digit growth rate can be sustained has taken a new twist, with Professor Peter…

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2009 podcast kitson shape of things to come

Shape of things to come

According to Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, the recession will be deeply protracted and…

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2009 podcast hadida creative management

Creative management

We are all born creative; however, Dr Allègre Hadida, University Lecturer in Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, argues that…

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2009 podcast chambers lessons from history

Lessons from history

Could the current financial crisis have been predicted from historians knowledge of past down turns and depressions globally? Dr David…

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2009 podcast trevor human capital risk

Human capital risk

Not since the winter of discontent in 1979 has our economic and social well-being, societally and personally, been so dependent…

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2009 podcast scholtes clinical leadership

Clinical leadership

The recent Darzi report recommends an increase in clinical leadership in the NHS. Whilst Professor Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor…

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2009 podcast meyer logic of luck

The logic of luck

Today's ICT revolution is changing the way corporations, governments and non-profits are organised. The pyramid hierarchy is being replaced by…

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  Cambridge entrepreneurs pitch their genius business ideas.
  2009 podcast vyakarnam entrepreneurship for all

Entrepreneurship for all

Dr Shai Vyakarnam, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) and one of the authors of the recent Educating…

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2009 podcast dawson leading in change

Leading in change

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, KPMG Professor of Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, led a team of consultants who advised…

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2009 podcast munir brave new world

A brave new world

In today's fast moving technological world, successful companies will be those brave enough to invest in start-ups and create their…

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