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Organisational behaviour

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  Our thinking on the big issues.
  2014 features trevor followingthemoney

Following the money

Does performance-related pay work? Dr Jonathan Trevor explores the issues. Pay for performance matters. It's a practice that crosses sectors,…

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2012 video menges thinkingresearch

Thinking research

Organisational scholars now have a set of tools for implicit measurement, an area ready for impactful ‘next generation’ research, says…

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2012 video richter getting

Getting creative

Dr Andreas Richter says the connection between creative self-efficacy and individual creativity is more positive than originally thought. Fresh research…

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2012 podcast richter getting2

Getting creative

Fresh research by Dr Andreas Richter into creative self-efficacy and creativity in teams has thrown new light onto an area…

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2012 podcast trevor tojeiro beyond efficiency

Beyond efficiency

Hierarchical, bureaucratic, stable structures and workforce efficiency are things of the past; survival and future growth, underpinned by a liberation…

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2012 podcast derond fighting boredom

Fighting boredom

What lessons can organisations take from the high-performance surgical teams at Britain's Camp Bastion military hospital in Afghanistan? Dr Mark…

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Dr shahzad ansari

The weakest link?

Top managers 'think', whilst middle managers 'act', but shouldn't both work together to bring about change? The role of the…

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Professor simon deakin

You’re fired!

Lifting the burden of regulation on business might make the UK more competitive, but further changes could have an adverse…

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2009 podcast trevor human capital risk

Human capital risk

Not since the winter of discontent in 1979 has our economic and social well-being, societally and personally, been so dependent…

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