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Energy Policy Research Group seminars


Online Seminar – Accounting for the social dimension in planning the transition

14:00 - 15:00

Dr Rachel Freeman, UCL, and Dr Piera Patrizio, Imperial College

The net-zero transition requires unprecedented changes to our society and energy system. Energy systems modelling enables to compare different decarbonisation pathways, but do models reflect actual social feasibility and acceptability? This webinar will feature presentations and Q&A by Dr Rachel Freeman from UCL and Dr Piera Patrizio from Imperial College, to discuss how net energy systems modelling can better account for the social dimension in planning for a net zero future.



Online Seminar – Readiness of negative emissions technologies: creating business models for carbon capture and storage and CO2 removal methods

15:00 - 16:00

Professor Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh, and Dr Emily Cox, Cardiff University

Both natural (e.g., afforestation, soil carbon sequestration) and engineered (e.g., fossil and bio-energy with carbon capture and storage, direct air capture) methods to capture and sequester carbon dioxide are likely to play a key role in getting us to net zero. This webinar will feature presentations by Dr Emily Cox from Cardiff University and Professor Stuart Haszeldine from the University of Edinburgh, to discuss potential business models which could make these methods an economic reality.



Online Seminar – Climate change commitments at the corporate level: motivation and effectiveness

14:00 - 15:00

Professor Jon Gibbins, University of Sheffield and Director of the UKCCSRC, Dr Robert Ritz, University of Cambridge and Dr Emily Shuckburgh, University of Cambridge and Director of Cambridge Zero

How sound are climate change commitments? We will conclude this webinar series with short presentations and a panel discussion with Professor Jon Gibbins from the University of Sheffield, Dr Robert Ritz from the University of Cambridge, and Dr Emily Schuckbugh from the University of Cambridge and head of Cambridge Zero, to discuss the way and the extent to which business corporations fulfil their climate commitments, and how compatible these are with mid-century net zero targets.