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Uncategorised events


CFRA webinar – Disinformation for profit: the dark business behind disinformation

19:00 - 20:00

Part of the Centre for Financial Reporting & Accountability’s Cambridge Disinformation Summit webinar series.

A moderated discussion of “Disinformation for profit: the dark business behind disinformation” with Dr Emma Briant, Associate Researcher in the Human Rights Program at Bard College and research affiliate of the Cambridge Centre for Financial Reporting & Accountability.

Dr Emma Briant will join for a moderated discussion about her research that helps uncover disinformation actors and maps disinformation networks that profit from introducing and spreading false narratives that induce societal chaos. Dr Briant has testified in UK Parliament, EU Parliament, Canadian Parliament, and the US Congress about disinformation practice and is best known for her work helping expose Cambridge Analytica and advising the Netflix documentary The Great Hack.



Dynamic risk and governance

13:00 - 14:00

Part of the NG-CDI TL Series 2022 with the Centre for International Human Resource Management (CIHRM).

During the NG-CDI research, CIHRM have developed a model of risk and governance that links enterprise risk and model risk management. This has been informed by several use cases as well as drawing on existing research. In this tech talk, we take these ideas forward and look specifically at the distinction between enduring and dynamic risks.