From climate change to poverty alleviation, multi-sector partnerships that unite the philanthropic ecosystem from traditional charities to impact investors, are critical to delivering system change.

Most philanthropic giving remains relatively small and fragmented and misaligned with what is required for scalable impact. Even the most influential social change leaders struggle to secure co-financing and institutionalised partnerships that can help them fund and deliver system change. While today there are vocal moves to build a more collective approach notably by uniting around the framework of the UN SDGs, still collaboration within the sector is rare.

One way of addressing this would be to move beyond grants and embrace a much wider range of financial instruments. These could range from crowd funding platforms to public sector investment, to social impact bonds and impact funds. Diversifying instruments could also address the imbalance in philanthropic relations since, as the Radical Flexibility Fund argues, “new financing solutions [can] shift power to locally-led initiatives.”

In this session we will explore how more diverse finance instruments can empower and unite actors across the ecosystem and help ensure that philanthropic interventions can lead to scalable outcomes.

About #ShiftThePower – Building a movement for change

The purpose of these seminars would be to explore the multiple elements that underpin this inequitable power dynamics in philanthropy with a view to:

  • Building a coherent and concise articulation of the power imbalance issue;
  • developing specific recommendations and actions that can serve to address the challenge;
  • aggregating the output of the seminars into a simple but powerful narrative; and,
  • developing specific actions to transformed #ShiftThePower into an advocacy movement.

The ultimate outcome of the seminars would be to build a robust and substantiated body of evidence that could be used to underpin the advocacy movement and that could equip the initial participating organisations with the tools required to trigger action.

It would serve to unite these organisations and, over time, to encourage other organisation to join the movement. Success would be judged by the shift in funding and engagement practices of Global North grant makers such that Global South grant recipients witnessed a radical improvement in their capacity, their resilience and in their input into global development policy at both local and international levels.

These outcomes would be defined by the participating organisation and evolved into clear metrics that could be used to track progress of the group.

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Date: 15 July 2021
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Date: 15 July 2021
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 11:30