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Andrei Kirilenko

Financial Times: Digital world offers opportunities to break the job mould

Andrei Kirilenko, head of Imperial College’s Centre for Global Finance and Technology, believes technology will alter things a great deal for women, not least in fintech. “My feeling is that women are particularly well positioned to benefit from the fintech…

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The New York Times: All public comments are welcome. Then what?

Do federal regulators really pay attention to public comments before they adopt new rules? A group of researchers says it has developed a tool that can answer that question — with the goal of providing an extra layer of accountability…

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The Wall Street Journal: Do regulators listen to public? Study says yes

A trio of math and finance professors has created a computerized program to test whether regulators listen to the public when crafting new regulations. The simple answer: Yes. How they reach that conclusion is far less straightforward. The program, which…

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