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Bang Dang Nguyen

‘Shareholder Spring’ failed to make waves

Professor Raghavendra Rau and Dr Bang Dang Nguyen agree that the so-called 'Shareholder Spring' has proved to be a damp squib Two acknowledged leading financial thinkers believe the much-vaunted 'Shareholder Spring' that began to emerge in the spring of 2012…

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The Sunday Times: Why my directors are a lot like me

Personal connections are powerful things. Chief executives who have social links to the non-executive directors on their boards are much less likely to be dismissed for poor performance than their unconnected peers, according to research ... Even if they are…

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The Times of India: Does the Rolodex matter

New research by Dr Bang Dang Nguyen of Cambridge Judge Business School, entitled, 'Does the Rolodex matter' summarises an investigation into how informal social ties between directors and the CEO impacts on the working of the board and the resulting…

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Cambridge News: Old pals could be bad for business, says Cambridge Judge Business School

The old pals act can be very bad for business... New research from Dr Bang Dang Nguyen at Cambridge Judge Business School looks into informal ties between directors and the chief executive and how this impacts the way the board…

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TIME Magazine: The John Lewis economy: why is Downing Street looking to Britain’s most beloved department store?

In Britain, big department stores tend to be as concerned about pedigree as the country's consumers... Unlike with publicly-traded firms, employee-owned companies are also less regulated, which can make raising outside capital harder since banks and bond buyers have less…

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When BTR acquired Thomas Tilling in 1983 it was the largest hostile takeover in British history... In a recent paper new research, by Dr Bang Dang Nguyen of Cambridge Judge Business School, entitled 'Does the Rolodex matter' summarises an investigation…

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Does the Rolodex matter?

Can membership of the same social networks as directors offer protection for a poorly performing CEO? And what is the impact on corporate governance? New research by Dr Bang Dang Nguyen, University Lecturer in Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School,…

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Good CEOs are underpaid!

Too many CEOs are paid too little not too much - research in the United States has lessons for the UK too Dr Bang Dang Nguyen, Cambridge Judge Business School Lecturer in Finance, says his research among top CEOs in…

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