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Big Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence and big data consulting: doing black magic with the world’s ‘new oil’?

Lead Data Scientist at BCG Gamma consulting and Cambridge MBA alumnus, Iman Karimi (MBA 2010), talks about big data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence and its impact on society and companies. A conversation with Cambridge MBA Executive Director Conrad Chua…

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Is your profile picture ‘smart’?

Algorithms can predict a person's intelligence based on social network photos as accurately as humans can and without faulty stereotyping, says study from University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Algorithms can assess a person's intelligence based on their social network…

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Medical Express: Facebook updates could help to understand mental health disorders

Our Facebook status updates, “likes” and even photos could help researchers better understand mental health disorders with the right ethical safeguards, says a new study from the University of Cambridge. The data collected from social media could help improve researchers’…

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