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Cambridge Social Ventures

Cambridge News: Weekend will help social ventures grow

Social ventures face more challenges than normal businesses because the people involved want to make a difference. Bringing entrepreneurs together at events like this is hugely beneficial. Belinda Bell, programme director at Social Incubator East, on the upcoming Social Venture…

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Cambridge News: Social Venture Weekend set for Cambridge Judge

All-comers are invited to bring along their ideas for a new or young 'social venture' – that is, a business which aims to solve a problem or make life better for others in some way, and is not solely focused…

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Forbes: All for the good – can incubators supercharge social ventures?

According to professional association UKBI there are currently around 300 incubators in the United Kingdom, supporting more than 12,000 innovative businesses. For those lucky enough to be selected, a good incubator programme can make a huge difference to a young…

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Minister for Civil Society joins cohorts for first day of new social venture programme

Outstanding entrepreneurs with ambitions to set up or grow an existing business dedicated to making a positive social impact have attended their first day of training on the new Cambridge Social Ventures programme. The programme aims to boost the growth…

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Neil Stott joins Cambridge Judge Business School to teach social innovation

The Chief Executive of successful charity and social enterprise, Keystone, has been appointed to a post as Senior Teaching Faculty in Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School. Neil Stott, who founded Keystone Development Trust to work primarily with socially…

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