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Enterprising alternatives to fast fashion through sustainability

Something new for the office party? Five tips for building a sustainable fashion business from startups supported by Cambridge Social Ventures at Cambridge Judge Business School. The Christmas party season is in full swing, and with the mince pies and…

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Ethical clothing made sustainably.

Partnering to reduce carbon emissions

Barclays Eagle Labs links up with Carbon13, a green accelerator founded by Chris Coleridge of Cambridge Judge Business School, to invest up to £2.5 million to speed the transition to net zero.  Carbon13, a carbon-reduction accelerator founded by Chris Coleridge…

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Green technology computer chip.

SupChina: Impact investing with Chinese characteristics

Chris Marquis, Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, talks with Yijing Wang, founder of 2060 Advisory based in Hangzhou, about the impact investing landscape in China and how it has accelerated since Beijing announced its 2060…

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The Guardian: How do we solve bitcoin’s carbon problem

Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index developed by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, based at Cambridge Judge Business School, featured in The Guardian article. The index estimates “that bitcoin mining consumes 133.63 terawatt hours a year of electricity – more than the…

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Climate change and nature

Nature-based solutions to climate change are being undermined by continued destruction of nature, Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville of Cambridge Judge Business School tells Business Schools for Climate Leadership seminar. The relationship between climate change and nature goes both ways, so nature-based…

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Image of the globe heating up from the bottom.

Business Weekly: Cambridge climate change pioneer wins £6m investment

Risilience, a Cambridge-based climate change business platform, has raised £6 million Series A investment from international investors. Risilience is a new company that commercialises research from the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School. The company’s products include…

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Risk application

Risilience, a new company that commercialises research from the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, is launched with a £6 million Series A investment. University of Cambridge Judge Business School and a group of international investors today…

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A bird's eye view of a mountain top solar farm in twilight.

Financial Times: Picking up the bill for Europe’s carbon

Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on EU decarbonisation policy. “We are reaching the point where the costs of decarbonisation cannot be hidden. The reason many are concerned about the ETS is that it…

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The Telegraph: Getting industry to go green will not come cheaply

Recently the Government launched a decarbonisation strategy, aiming to cut production of CO2 in British factories by two-thirds by 2035. Dr David Reiner, University Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School says the Government need to stump…

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New Europe: Europe must decarbonise three times faster to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

Cambridge Judge’s Professor Michael Pollitt and Dr Chi Kong Chyong comment on Europe’s decarbonisation policy. “We have remodelled the European Commission’s 1.5 TECH and COMBO scenarios and took them further with two additional, extreme cases. Our conclusion is straightforward: European…

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