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Professor Vicky Pryce, UK Government Economic Service: Engaging business leaders

Corporations and governments are having to face up to the new challenges of how to operate in a global business environment where the financial sector is broken and needs fixing, and protecting the environment is a major concern for all.…

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Professor vicky pryce

The true costs of saving the earth

As the 2008 UN climate change talks struggle to a conclusion in Poland this week research undertaken at Cambridge Judge Business School shows exactly how vital it is that international leaders reach an agreement on cutting the world's greenhouse gas…

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2009 podcast hope true costs

A scenario for a greener, but tougher, future

In the near future, an international alliance of countries committed to reducing worldwide carbon emissions might have to use force to bring recalcitrant states into line, according to new research from Dr William J. Nuttall, Senior University Lecturer in Technology…

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2008 podcast nutall a scenario for a greener