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Centre for Risk Studies (CRS)

Cambridge Risk Centre contributes to UK government planning

Blackett Review Panel for Strategic Shocks: High Impact-Low Probability Events Facing the UK. In Autumn 2010 the UK Government commissioned a panel of internationally regarded experts in the field of risk management, including the University of Cambridge's Dr Andrew Coburn…

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Dr Andrew Coburn, Risk Management Solutions: Imagining and doing the “how”

Dr Andrew Coburn is the Director of External Advisory Board at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. Andrew is Vice President of Catastrophe Research at Risk Management Solutions, the leading provider of catastrophe risk models to the insurance industry.…

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2012 video coburn imagining

Professor Daniel Ralph: Welcome and introduction to the Centre for Risk Studies’ 3rd Annual Meeting

Professor Danny Ralph is a Founder and Director of the Centre for Risk Studies, Professor of Operations Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, and a Fellow of Churchill College.…

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2012 video ralph crs third annual conference intro

Crispin Hawes, Eurasia Group: Geo-political change

Crispin Hawes is the head of Eurasia Group's Middle East and North Africa practice. His central focus is the politics of the Persian Gulf, particularly Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as well as hydrocarbons and Islamist politics across the region.…

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2012 hawes coburn geopolitical change

Dr Emily Shuckburgh, British Antarctic Survey: Future climate change

Dr Shuckburgh leads the Open Oceans research group at the British Antarctic Survey, which is focused on understanding the role of the polar oceans in the global climate system. She is also a fellow of Darwin College, Cambridge. She is…

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2011 video shuckburgh british antarctic survey

Dr Ned Allen, Lockheed Martin: Measuring and mitigating operational risks in engineered cyber-physical systems

Dr Allen is Senior Fellow & Chief Scientist at Lockheed Martin, Aeronautics. He advises Lockheed Martin's Corporate Engineering and Technology unit in Bethesda MD on advanced technologies and their associated business opportunities. He also established and runs LM's programme on…

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2012 video allen measuring and mitigating

Dr Robert Muir-Wood, Risk Management Solutions: The future of risk

Dr Muir-Wood is Chief Research Officer at Risk Management Solutions, which develops risk models for a wide range of catastrophe and life risks for the global insurance industry, employing 1000 people in offices in US, Europe and Asia.…

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2012 video muirwood future of risk

Philip Brice, BP Treasury: Profiles of the future and emerging risks

Philip Brice is the Corporate Risk Manager within BP Treasury. His responsibilities include the management of FX risks across the group, and forecasting the impact that market volatility and other events could have on the cashflows of the business.…

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2012 video brice profiles of future

Edge: Management masterclass: managing risk

The Risk Centre's Professor Danny Ralph, Michelle Tuveson and Ruth Whaley are quoted in Edge magazine's article on why risk assessment and management is an absolute business essential.…

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Risky business

Factoring in the 'unknown unknowns': why new multidisciplinary risk management models are needed in light of the Japanese earthquake Michelle Tuveson, Executive Director of the Centre for Risk Studies, based at Cambridge Judge Business School, says risk management modelling will…

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