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Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP)

Philanthropic tie-ups

Pandemic will have 'profound' impact on philanthropy through greater collaboration, Bill Gates says in interview with Badr Jafar, founding patron of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at Cambridge Judge Business School. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis will have a "profound" impact…

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Badr Jafar and Bill Gates.

Financial Times: Pakistan army muscles in on Belt and Road project

Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy & Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on Belt and Road Initiative in Pakistan. “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority (CPEC) is at the intersection of the new [cold] war between China and the…

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Can COVID-19 revive philanthropy’s risk appetite?

Philanthropic capital is risk capital – an attribute often overlooked amidst the race to secure measurable positive outcomes to report back to donors and boards. Philanthropy has always accepted investing for zero financial return and with the advent of Venture…

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World globe and money balancing on a seesaw.

Corporate philanthropy: emergence, viability and legitimacy gain

Centre for Strategic Philanthropy study examines the emergence, viability and legitimacy gain of corporate philanthropy. Elena Christodoulou A new study written by Cambridge Judge Business School MPhil student Elena Christodoulou (also a member of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy's team)…

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Responding to Lebanon’s crisis: mobilising philanthropic funds

A vigil for the victims of the explosium in Beirut / Mehr News Agency / CC BY The emergency in Lebanon caused by the explosion of a stock of ammonium nitrate has created a devastating new level of crisis in…

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CSP team join expert group at OECD Centre on Philanthropy

The Executive Director and the Academic Director of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) have joined the Expert Group of the OECD's Centre on Philanthropy to support the forthcoming production of Volume 2 of the Centre's Private Philanthropy for Development…

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From hype to impact: social stock exchanges

Under the auspices of the CSP, Dr Matthew Grimes and Professor Danielle Logue have initiated the "From Hype to Impact: Social Stock Exchanges" research project. Dr Matthew Grimes Under the auspices of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP), Dr Matthew…

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Workplace equality

Companies need 'awkward conversations' to address lack of diversity, Dr Kamal Munir of Cambridge Judge says on BBC programme. Dr Kamal Munir Companies need to have "awkward conversations" to prompt managers to fix the lack of progress in racial equality…

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CSP undertakes research on “Strategic Fundraising: How & Why People Give”

Fundraising from individual or institutional donors is a surprisingly under-researched topic given how critical it is to the financial sustainability of third sector organisations. Fundraising strategies are too often based on gut instinct, received wisdom, historical relationships and assumptions about…

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Financial Times: The new rules on what you can say in the office

Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy & Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on how to build a racially diverse business. He says organisations should find ways for having “awkward conversations”: “If you say ‘first time that you cross the…

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