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Green football trophy win

Cambridge United win the CUP26 trophy for green activity awarded by Planet Super League, which was co-founded by Cambridge MBA alumnus Tom Gribbin (MBA 2013). Tom Gribbin (MBA 2013) Cambridge United Football Club won the CUP26 trophy for climate-enhancing activity…

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Photo of a traditional football ball on green football field during bright sunny day.

Climate-saving invention

A doubling of 'green' patent filings will lead to a 4.8 percentage point boost in real GDP growth, says study for KPMG authored by University of Cambridge economists including Kamiar Mohaddes of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Kamiar Mohaddes A…

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The Canopy of a Forest with a Hole Shaped like a World Map.

Glasgow thoughts

Why is COP26 a big deal but not much may happen? A blogpost by David Reiner, Associate Professor in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, lays out the background and his opinions going into the event in Scotland. Dr…

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Satellite view of a hurricane storm tornado.

Twitter Spaces – The effect of climate change on sovereign creditworthiness

What impact will climate change have on the creditworthiness of sovereign nations? Join the authors of the world’s first ‘climate smart’ credit ratings for a live discussion, taking place on Twitter Spaces. Published as a Bennett Institute working paper the…

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Trading stocks.

Twitter Spaces – Saving energy: The price of a greener future

How will climate change affect the energy pricing, policy and regulation as the crisis evolves? What will be the impact of adding renewables to the energy distribution network? Join Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics, and Kamiar Mohaddes, Associate Professor…

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Energy meter.

Twitter Spaces – Social media and the public’s perceptions of climate-related tech

What impact does social media have on the perception and uptake of climate-related technologies? How can these platforms be used to help persuade and influence the public to take greener measures in their everyday lives? Join us for a live…

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Hand touching a touch screen.

Climate change and GDP

Study on climate change and economic output co-authored by Kamiar Mohaddes of Cambridge Judge is cited by US Congressional Budget Office and 25 members of Congress in a letter to the Federal Reserve Board. Dr Kamiar Mohaddes A study co-authored…

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Icebergs melting in the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland.

Climate change and nature

Nature-based solutions to climate change are being undermined by continued destruction of nature, Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville of Cambridge Judge Business School tells Business Schools for Climate Leadership seminar. The relationship between climate change and nature goes both ways, so nature-based…

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Image of the globe heating up from the bottom.