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Creative management

We are all born creative; however, Dr Allègre Hadida, University Lecturer in Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, argues that in the work environment we are not all creative equals. In some, creativity flourishes while others learn to suppress their…

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2009 podcast hadida creative management

Dame Patricia Hodgson, BBC Trust: Media, arts and culture – what role for leaders?

If success in the creative sector is crucially dependent on a combination of talent and popular response to it, what role is there for leaders and managers? Talented individuals are notoriously difficult to manage and public reactions to arts and…

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Dame patricia hodgson

Why some technical decisions are too important to leave to engineers

In 1972, Polaroid launched the SX-70, the first fully integrated instant camera and film system, hailed by Fortune magazine as one of the greatest industrial inventions of the time. In achieving this amazing innovation, which made the cover of Life magazine, Polaroid…

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2008 podcast munir why some technical decisions