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China Daily: Shared passions can fire up trade links

A podcast from Chris Marquis, Professor of Chinese Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, interviewing Kenneth Wong of NavPac, is mentioned in this article about shared passions firing up trade links. Whether it is the roar of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle,…

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New York Times: Globalisation is over. The global culture wars have begun

A quarter-century ago, globalisation was a political, social and moral process. However, as scholars Mauro F. Guillén (Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School), Heather Berry and Arun S. Hendi reported in a study of international convergence, “Over the last half…

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FT Specialist’s Agenda by the Financial Times: The future of hybrid working – directors must focus on culture

Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Diageo professor of organisation studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the future of hybrid working. It is important for boards to remember that the world is still emerging from a transformational period, she says. Companies should…

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Top 15 reads of 2020

The news and insight section of Cambridge Judge Business School's website attracts audiences with eclectic interests ranging from business to healthcare to the arts. In 2020, attention was focused on articles related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Confirming behaviour 13 January…

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Cultural shift

Organisational culture is a "tool" for social change, says new article co-authored by Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville. Organisations can help employees navigate their company’s culture to foster social and sustainability goals, says a new article "Organizational culture as a tool for…

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A shared direction

As Michael Kitson succeeds Dr Jane Davies as Director of the Cambridge MBA programme this autumn, they discuss teamwork, the Cambridge ecosystem, and the importance to business education of understanding different cultures. Dr Jane Davies The Cambridge MBA baton passes…

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Stuck in the past

New CEOs and other leaders transfer culture from their previous jobs and this can 'blindside' them into proposing obsolete solutions to new problems, says a study authored at Cambridge Judge Business School, published in the Academy of Management Journal. In…

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A fresh look at telecoms giant Huawei

A new book on the leadership and culture of Chinese telecoms company Huawei, co-authored by Professor David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge, will be published by SAGE Publishing. A new book that looks at the leadership and culture of Chinese telecoms…

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Are your negotiation tactics ethical?

Cambridge Judge professor David De Cremer says it can depend on your nationality and that of the other party. Negotiations are a key part of any business deal, and when it comes to the punch, ethically questionable tactics - false…

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