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David Stillwell

The Huffington Post: Companies should use data transparently

David Stillwell, University Lecturer in Big Data Analytics & Quantitative Social Science at Cambridge Judge, looks at how companies use people’s data and how the process could be improved to benefit the consumer. “The biggest problem right now is that…

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The Wall Street Journal: Facebook ‘likes’ mean a computer knows you better than your mother

University of Cambridge researchers have developed an app that can estimate users’ personality based solely on Facebook ‘likes.’ The app can guess a person’s gender, age, life satisfaction and intelligence, as well as education and relationship status. David Stillwell, University…

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The Independent: What does Facebook know? New app uses what you ‘like’ to predict your personality

The app ‘Apply Magic Sauce’ developed at the University of Cambridge can estimate a Facebook user’s intelligence, religious and political views, age and many more things based solely on the person’s “likes.” Cambridge Judge’s David Stillwell said: “We wanted show…

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