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Risk & Insurance: Harvey hampers third of US refining capacity

The economy of Houston, Texas, could lose up to $60 billion in gross domestic output in the next year due to Hurricane Harvey floods, according to an analysis by the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. “Beyond the immediate impact to…

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Why a disaster may not be disastrous

Research shows that the behaviour of business leaders could be directly linked to their experiences in childhood. What makes a great leader? Effectiveness? Experience? Volcanoes? It might seem unlikely, but new research from a team of academics, including Raghavendra Rau,…

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Japanese market fallout

Japan's markets will continue to fluctuate until the nuclear crisis is resolved Dr George Olcott, Cambridge Judge Business School Fellow, says he has been 'impressed' and even 'moved' by the way Japanese people have responded to the crisis that has…

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Risky business

Factoring in the 'unknown unknowns': why new multidisciplinary risk management models are needed in light of the Japanese earthquake Michelle Tuveson, Executive Director of the Centre for Risk Studies, based at Cambridge Judge Business School, says risk management modelling will…

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A black swan event

Was Japan's nuclear industry prepared? Nuclear specialist Dr William Nuttall considers the known unknowns and unknown unknowns and says we must learn from this disaster A leading Cambridge nuclear energy specialist is asking what thought Japan's nuclear authority gave to…

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