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Donation will fuel vital research into European energy future

A research project that will influence how Europe sets its overarching climate and energy objectives for 2030 has attracted a donation of £190,000 The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), a joint research centre based at Cambridge Judge Business School and…

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2013 news donationwillfuelvitalresearchintoeuropeanenergyfuture

Decarbonising the electricity sector

According to Dr David Reiner, University Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, new financial instruments to even out the impact of global warming between the third world and the developing world could help world leaders progress their…

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2009 podcast reiner decarbonising

Rewiring the system

Dr Michael Pollitt, Reader in Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, believes we are entering a new era of renewable energy generation, where interactive networks, smart electricity meters and energy saving devices on consumer lights and heaters will help…

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New model regulation in the electricity industry

The problem of monopolistic control in the UK electricity industry remains a factor today in spite of several decades of regulation by Ofgem, following privatisation in the 1980s. This would suggest that Ofgem has to focus as much on promoting…

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2008 podcast pollitt new model regulation