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Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG)

Cambridge News: Cambridge University experts take on bureaucrats in Brussels over EU climate talks

The policy brief by Energy Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge, says ‘more needs to be done to ensure an adequate, credible and durable carbon price, address carbon leakage and encourage other major emitters to act.’ Dr David…

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‘Nothing is being done’ to explicitly encourage emissions cut by China and America

EU 2030 climate plan a missed opportunity, say Cambridge energy academics. The 2030 framework on climate change and energy policy being debated at a European Union summit this week has a “glaring omission” by failing to link EU policy to…

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The Guardian: What businesses need to know about the latest climate science

Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership, in partnership with the European Climate Foundation, developed 13 reports that explain how climate change is expected to impact several industries, including agriculture, buildings, defense, transportation and energy ... The briefings, which were vetted…

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Utility Week: Labour’s price freeze slammed as ‘economically insane’ at party conference

[The price freeze] will either be so high it will be meaningless, or it will bind and it will lead to shortages - not necessarily in electricity but certainly in investment. Dr Michael Pollitt, Reader in Business Economics at Cambridge…

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Workshop warms to smart energy

The smart approach to solving our energy problems and decarbonising the economy was the subject of a recent workshop hosted by the Energy Policy Research Group, which is based at Cambridge Judge Business School. The Distributed Generation and Smart Connections workshop,…

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Donation will fuel vital research into European energy future

A research project that will influence how Europe sets its overarching climate and energy objectives for 2030 has attracted a donation of £190,000 The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), a joint research centre based at Cambridge Judge Business School and…

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Cambridge climate change adviser argues the EU Emission Trading System is working as designed

A recognised climate change expert and government adviser has defended the European Union's Emission Trading System (EU ETS) and says it is working as originally planned. The European Parliament has approved a plan to delay the sale of emission allowances…

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New York Times: The social cost of carbon: how to do the math?

This year’s presidential campaign has shown that a gulf exists between the two candidates on America’s energy future - at least in theory… The research was carried out by Laurie Johnson, chief economist in the climate and clean air program…

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Too smart by half? Reducing household energy consumption and emissions

'Smart measures' will work to reduce household consumption as long as consumers use the technology to guide and adjust their consumption behaviours Dr Michael Pollitt, Assistant Director of the ESRC Electricity Policy Research Group and Reader in Business Economics at…

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Dr Bill Nuttall, Dr Michael Pollitt, Dr David Reiner and Dr Pierre Noël, Electricity Policy Research Group: What price energy post-Fukushima?

The Electricity Policy Research Group explores the implications of the Japanese earthquake on European energy markets and policy In a new Cambridge Judge Business School podcast, researchers from the Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG) at Cambridge Judge Business School explore…

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