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Oiling the wheels of productivity

The performance and efficiency of the world's national oil companies - i.e. those still wholly under government ownership - could be increased very dramatically by privatising them, new research finds. The results of such performance improvements would be staggering, explains…

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2009 podcast pollitt oiling

James P. Leape, WWF International: Business, NGOs and the challenge of sustainability

Today's consumer driven culture is ecologically unsustainable; this fact poses a clear challenge to governments who must agree responses to climate change and other issues. But what role can business play? James P. Leape, Director General and Chief Executive of…

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2009 podcast leape business ngos

Clearing the energy slums

Policy makers cannot walk and chew gum. Crises are handled one by one with the most immediate driving all the rest off the agenda. However, Nick Butler, Chairman of the Centre for Energy Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, argues…

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2009 podcast butler clearing the energy slums

What goes up must come down

Falling demand for oil is not just an immediate reaction to the current financial crisis but a response to the structural impact of five years of very high oil prices, says Dr Pierre Noël, an expert in energy economics and…

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2009 podcast noel what goes up

The true costs of saving the earth

As the 2008 UN climate change talks struggle to a conclusion in Poland this week research undertaken at Cambridge Judge Business School shows exactly how vital it is that international leaders reach an agreement on cutting the world's greenhouse gas…

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2009 podcast hope true costs

Climate leadership and business sustainability

"We are creating a massive ecological debt by borrowing from the future at a rate that is completely incompatible and unsustainable. We need a new form of capitalism, one where we value the environment, business as usual is therefore not…

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2009 podcast peake climate leadership

New model regulation in the electricity industry

The problem of monopolistic control in the UK electricity industry remains a factor today in spite of several decades of regulation by Ofgem, following privatisation in the 1980s. This would suggest that Ofgem has to focus as much on promoting…

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2008 podcast pollitt new model regulation

A scenario for a greener, but tougher, future

In the near future, an international alliance of countries committed to reducing worldwide carbon emissions might have to use force to bring recalcitrant states into line, according to new research from Dr William J. Nuttall, Senior University Lecturer in Technology…

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2008 podcast nutall a scenario for a greener