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Facebook updates could provide a window to understanding – and treating – mental health disorders

Our Facebook status updates, 'likes' and even photos could help researchers better understand mental health disorders with the right ethical safeguards, argue researchers from the University of Cambridge, who suggest that social networks may even be used in future to…

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There really is a link between your Facebook posts and your personality

by Dr David Stillwell, University Lecturer in Big Data Analytics & Quantitative Social Science, Cambridge Judge Business School Privacy campaigners this week applauded Facebook’s decision to block big UK insurance firm Admiral from using young people’s social media data to…

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‘Data’ and popcorn

New exhibit at the Science Museum in London features research about our Big Data by Dr David Stillwell of Cambridge Judge Business School. A new exhibit at the Science Museum called Our Lives in Data features much-cited research on social…

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Facebook does not own your life. You do.

Social media is not changing the world, the world is changing social media, writes Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy & Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School. Recently, I came across a rather interesting research study conducted by UCL. The…

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Why Facebook knows you better than your mum

Who do you reckon knows you best? Your friends? Your children? Work colleagues? Turns out it's none of these. It's not even your mum. Because even she doesn't know all your little ways quite as well as… Facebook. It's true.…

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Facebook likes: do they matter?

Many companies are now investing increasing proportions of their budget to social media marketing. But is investing in a Facebook page with interesting content a good way to invest a company's sometimes limited marketing budget? Two research students at CJBS…

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Facing down Facebook

Dr Omar Merlo, a University Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, says Facebook and other new media tools bring with them new risks for brand management. The challenge is identifying, and immediately responding via the right…

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A brave new world

In today's fast moving technological world, successful companies will be those brave enough to invest in start-ups and create their own competitors. Taking the example of Kodak, who floundered in the face of emerging digital technologies, Dr Kamal Munir, Reader…

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