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Global Investment Returns Yearbook

Investment yearbook

The annual Global Investment Returns Yearbook, co-authored by Professor Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge, finds that 2018 was the worst year for global equity returns since the financial crisis, while investors in Chinese stocks have received no premium despite the…

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Prose on investing

Article co-authored by Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge is included in a new book, The Best Investment Writing, Volume Two. Professor Elroy Dimson An article on “The evolution of equity markets” co-authored by Professor Elroy Dimson, Chairman of the Centre for…

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Glass building.

Historical investment analysis

Modest inflation rises, based on historical precedent, should not adversely affect the real return on equity investing, says annual Credit Suisse Global Investment Return Yearbook 2017 co-authored by Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge. With inflation at a multi-year high in…

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