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Helen Haugh

Booting up Britain?

Can social enterprises succeed where others fail or are they being set up to fail in a Start Up Britain? Dr Helen Haugh, an expert in social enterprise at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes in a Guardian blog of the…

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Dr helen haugh

Is social enterprise being set up to fail?

Is 'Enterprise Society' a myth or a reality? Are the resources needed to successfully deliver it in place? As redundant public sector workers prepare to bid for contracts to win their own work back, academics from Cambridge Judge Business School…

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The human cost of slashing public spending

What are the consequences for both society and the country's economic recovery? Academics from Cambridge Judge Business School have raised concerns about whether the size and speed of Chancellor George Osborne's cuts will dampen the economic recovery and whether volunteers…

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2010 podcast human cost of slashing public spending

Rebuilding the economy through social and community enterprise

Now is the right time for the social enterprise business model to rise to the top of the agenda, argues Dr Helen Haugh, University Senior Lecturer in Community Enterprise at Cambridge Judge Business School. Its pro-social approach offers opportunities to…

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2009 podcast haugh rebuilding economy