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high performance teams

Financial Times: Best books of 2012

High quality global journalism requires investment ... The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust, by Dr John Coates of Cambridge Judge Business School. No one is better qualified to analyse the…

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7 Days in Dubai: The West’s best firms can learn from UAE businesses

Researchers of a report into good business practice have declared the world’s finest firms can take a leaf out of the best in the UAE ... Not only that, but according to Imelda Dunlop, executive director of the Pearl Initiative,…

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LA Times: Treating sport as a model for business is no slam dunk

Cambridge educator Dr Mark de Rond analyzes how formulas for success in sports can apply to business management in his intriguing book There is an I in Team ... Can such logic be applied to the business arena? Author Mark…

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Financial Times: Be a good sport – and be a better manager

When US basketball player Michael Jordan scored 20 straight points for the Chicago Bulls, he is reported to have been told by one of his coaches that “There is no ‘i’ in team”. Jordan replied coolly: “There is an ‘i’…

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Management Today: Learning curve: team spirit

In his new book, There is an I in Team, Dr Mark de Rond of Cambridge Judge Business School, says that the Cambridge University boat club asks one fundamental question of any new suggestion or idea – will doing this…

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Financial Times: The right number of stars for a team

How hard do team leaders need to work to keep their star players in sport, business or any other domain, and when should they let them go?... Dr Mark de Rond of Cambridge Judge Business School points out that stars…

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The Wall Street Journal: How to get people to work together

Teamwork is highly prized in corporate culture, but managers simply aren’t being realistic when they treat each member of a team equally, says Dr Mark de Rond, a professor at Cambridge Judge Business School... Dr De Rond’s new book, “There…

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HR Zone: Book review: There is an I in team, by Mark de Rond

Dr Mark de Rond, professor of strategy and organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, has written a very comprehensive book on the factors that contribute to making a highly successful team... To this end, he draws on his experience as…

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Business Executive: The Bookstore: There is an I in Team

Why is it hard to get teams to perform to their potential?... In There is an I in Team, Cambridge Judge Business School professor Dr Mark de Rond explains that many of these dilemmas facing businesses are similar to those…

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