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Obama’s visit to India – a marriage or dating?

President Barack Obama's trip to India could be the start of a new level of relationship between the two nations, but some will remain suspicious until the courtship has fully matured, says Navi Radjou, Fellow in India & Global Business…

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Navi radjou

Dr Ramesh Mashelkar, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research: Where there’s a will there’s a way

Dr Ramesh Mashelkar, Former Director General of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), is helping to lead the 'inclusive technology' revolution in India, with 28 honorary doctorates to his name. He told the Centre for India & Global…

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2010 podcast mashelkar where theres a will

More for less for more

"Inclusive growth" and "affordable innovation" are terms gaining ground in India as new business models to satisfy cost-conscious and ecologically-aware customers globally are developed. Professor Jaideep Prabhu and Navi Radjou of Cambridge Judge Business School's Centre for India & Global…

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2010 podcast prabhu more

‘Excellence’ is the future for UK research

Professor Alan Hughes, Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, says that despite proposed funding cutbacks, scientific research in the UK has a healthy future since the funding system rewards sustained performance in the past and…

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2010 podcast hughes excellence

Western economies: a museum of the 21st Century?

In a remarkable exchange, Cambridge Judge Business School's Professor Peter Williamson in Bejing and Professor Jaideep Prabhu in Bangalore explore the Chinese and Indian economies and compare them with the West's. Innovation, says Professor Prabhu, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business…

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2010 podcast prabhuwilliamson western

India’s decade of innovation

What do John Deere, Cisco, and Obopay have in common? All are a new breed of enlightened Western firms that have embraced what Navi Radjou, Fellow in India & Global Business at Cambridge Judge Business School, calls "polycentric innovation". He explains…

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2010 podcast radjou india

Parminder Vir, Media Consultant: Shifting paradigms

The film industry is moving from a Hollywood dominated culture to a peer-to-peer environment as more emerging countries structure global partnerships. Parminder Vir OBE, Executive Producer and Media Consultant, believes this shift requires a re-think, especially by the West, of…

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Parminder vir

Partho Sen-Gupta, Film Director: Bombay mix

Partho Sen-Gupta, Director of Hava Aney Dey ("Let the Wind Blow"), talks about the new frontiers facing the Indian film industry as it engages with the West, and considers the exciting opportunities, technologies and challenges this blending of cultures will…

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Partho Sen-Gupta.

Being a ‘good BRIC’: how the rising BRIC economies can be a win-win for the global economy

As the "are we"/"aren't we" debate continues around Britain's early or late emergence from the global recession it is clear that the so-called "BRIC" economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China are proving somewhat more resilient to the global economic…

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2009 podcast how the rising bric economies

Innovation in India and China, Asia’s non-identical twins (Centre for India & Global Business Conference)

The Centre for India & Global Business at Cambridge Judge Business School in Cambridge is creating a new dialogue for Western understanding of the emerging markets in India and China. On the one hand the rise of India and China…

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2009 podcast innovationinindiaandchina