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information systems

Alpha Galileo: Data is never objective. Sometimes we must also give free rein to experience and intuition

A study by Matthew Jones, Professor of Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, is mentioned in this article about data objectiveness. Blind faith in data as a perfect reflection of reality is causing many businesses to make decisions on…

Read more Data is never objective. Also, let experiences and intuition get raw a little once in a while

Matthew Jones, Professor of Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in this article about the objectiveness of data. Blind faith that data is a flawless reflection of reality tricks many businesses into making decisions on a faulty…

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Top case study

Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) teaching case study named among The Case Centre top-15 Classic Cases in the category Knowledge, Information & Communication Systems Management. On 29 January, The Case Centre announced its best-selling cases for the past year and…

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Michael Barrett.

Vice-Chancellor’s awards 2017

Five Cambridge Judge Business School nominations for this year’s Vice-Chancellor's Awards, with winners to be announced in July. Five people from Cambridge Judge Business School have been nominated for the 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Awards at the University of Cambridge, with the…

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Delivering public services digitally

Discussions with unions could help ease better digital delivery of public services, Dr Mark Thompson of Cambridge Judge tells audience at Cheltenham Science Festival. A national discussion including conversations with unions is needed in order to effectively implement digital efficiency…

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The Guardian: The hidden exploitation of frontline staff by their own administrators

Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, looks at public services and what could be done to maintain frontline public services. "Dumping the misleading ‘public sector’ label, and replacing it with a new distinction…

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