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Jenny Chu

The Times: Hiring pay ‘experts’ brings rich rewards for chief executives

Further coverage of research by Cambridge Judge's Professor Raghavendra Rau, Dr Jenny Chu and PhD candidate Jonathan Faasse. The research shows that the hiring of 'compensation consultants' by businesses often leads to higher pay for CEOs. Read the full article…

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The Economist: If you hire them, pay will come

A new research shows that companies hire compensation consultants ‘as a justification device for higher executive pay.’ The research by Cambridge Judge Business School’s Dr Jenny Chu, Jonathan Faasse and Professor Raghavendra Rau, looked at more than 1,000 U.S. companies…

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Compensation consultants lead to higher CEO pay

Consultants a 'justification device' for higher executive pay, says study at Cambridge Judge Business School. A study of more than 1,000 US companies over six years finds “strong empirical evidence” that executive-pay consultants have been hired as a “justification device”…

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New York Times: Dealbook: More transparency, more pay for CEOs

A research study by Cambridge Judge Business School's Dr Jenny Chu, Jonathan Faasse and Professor Raghavendra Rau, shows "a direct link between the hiring of executive-pay consultants and higher CEO pay itself". Read the full article []…

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The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation: New evidence on compensation consultants and CEO pay

In 2013, CEOs in S&P 500 firms were paid, on average, over 200 times the average worker's salary in their firms. To avoid or minimize public outrage, managers have a substantial incentive to obscure and try to legitimize their excessive…

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Six reasons why … star performers are bad for the bottom line

Everyone - shareholders, board members, even colleagues - loves a star performer. But how many deliver on the top hire promise? CJBS faculty Dr Jenny Chu, Dr Pedro Saffi and Professor Raghavendra Rau investigate why top names can actually have…

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Financial Times: Women working in financial education

The biggest challenge as a woman in Finance is the small representation of women in general in the industry. I approached the problems in two ways: firstly, I built a network of female mentors and peers; the relative scarcity of…

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