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Joe Gladstone

CNBC: Study: Money does buy happiness

New research based on 77,000 real bank spending transactions finds that money can buy happiness when spending fits our personality. The study was co-authored by David Stillwell and Joe Gladstone at Cambridge Judge Business School and Sandra Matz at the…

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The Independent: Money could buy you happiness if the item matches your personality

A new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School and the University of Cambridge’s Psychology Department says that money can buy you happiness. After looking at 77,000 bank transactions the study found people who spent more money on purchases which…

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ITV News: Study finds money can buy you happiness

Money can buy happiness when spending fits our personality, finds study by University of Cambridge researchers based on 77,000 real bank spending transactions. David Stillwell, one of the study’s co-authors, discusses what makes people happy in an ITV video (first…

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The Telegraph: Money CAN buy happiness – if you spend in the right way

A new study from University of Cambridge looked at almost 77,000 transactions of 625 participants and found that people who spent more on purchases that matched their personality were happiest. The study was authored by Sandra Matz, a PhD candidate…

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Can’t resist your credit card? A Cambridge academic reckons he can nudge your bank account into better health

The power of "nudging" – subtle interventions informed by psychology to change people's behaviour – is becoming increasingly accepted in marketing circles. As consumers we are now used to being given gentle reminders to eat better, drink less and exercise…

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There may be stubble ahead

Faced with decreasing sales and a fundamental shift in behaviour among your core audience, what steps would you take to make a change? We asked three people to put themselves in the shoes of Gillette, the men's haircare specialists, who…

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Facebook likes: do they matter?

Many companies are now investing increasing proportions of their budget to social media marketing. But is investing in a Facebook page with interesting content a good way to invest a company's sometimes limited marketing budget? Two research students at CJBS…

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