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Michael Kitson

Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2007

The contribution of services and other sectors to Australian productivity growth 1980-2004 30 November 2007 A new report by the CBR, commissioned by the Australian Business Foundation, looks at Australia's productivity performance from 1980 to 2004. There has been a…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2006

What helps business absorb knowledge and does this capacity vary across the regions of the UK? 1 December 2006 New research findings will be presented by Michael Kitson, Research Associate of the Centre for Business Research and University Lecturer in…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2005

The Wal-Mart model: is it sustainable? 1 December 2005 Wal-Mart has just been the subject of a week of events in the US run by a campaign group concerned about Wal-Mart's corporate citizenship and its treatment of employees. Now new…

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The Guardian: We can’t keep spending

"Spend, spend, spend." The consumer has to be thanked for stopping, or at least delaying, a recession [writes Michael Kitson, with co-author Nicholas Fawcett]. Read the full article []…

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The Guardian: How paying the minimum raises the stakes

Without a minimum wage, "the good employers are undercut by the bad, and the bad are undercut by the worst". So said Winston Churchill in 1909 when the Liberal government introduced wages councils to represent the 'sweated' trades [write Mike…

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