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National Health Service (NHS)

Accelerating to funding success

GeneAdviser raises £350,000 in first round of seed funding. GeneAdviser, an online ordering platform for clinical genetic testing, has raised £350,000 in its first round of seed funding. The venture has been supported by Cambridge Judge Business School through the…

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When slacker is safer

Professor Stefan Scholtes warns that exceeding the ‘tipping point' can have serious consequences They turn up late. They seem immune to deadlines. They don't mind being carried by the team. Slackers are not usually the most popular people in the…

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Threshold penalties for health delivery

Research conducted by Dr Houyuan Jiang with his co-authors Professors Sergei Savin and Zhan Pang aims to create a unified performance-based contracting framework for medical services in the delivery of healthcare. Research into the provision of healthcare support for outpatient…

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Public sector pay freezes

NHS managers may well have to bite the bullet and accept a pay freeze in the coming year, but if it is executed in the right way and shown to benefit the NHS it may not demotivate staff. The right…

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Clinical leadership

The recent Darzi report recommends an increase in clinical leadership in the NHS. Whilst Professor Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, believes it is important to have more clinicians on the board, he…

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Leading in change

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, KPMG Professor of Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, led a team of consultants who advised the Department of Health on the establishment of their recently announced National Leadership Council, which has been designed to champion…

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